Luke Zimmerman

Luke Zimmerman

Propiedad Intelectual Cannabica, Luke S Zimmerman APC

Luke Zimmerman, Esq. LL.M is the founder of the Law Office of Luke S Zimmerman APC. In 2013 started working with clients in the cannabis industry on a variety of intellectual property issues. The focus of Luke’s practice is assisting clients with trademark, copyright, and trade secret matters. Luke is proud to say he confidently believes he registered the first state trademark for cannabis goods in California. 


Luke has written articles for a variety of cannabis publications. He is also a regular speaker at cannabis events and has lectured internationally about emerging intellectual property trends in the cannabis industry. Luke founded the intellectual property section at Oaksterdam University and teaches classes monthly. He is also a life time member of the National Cannabis Bar Association.  


Luke believes there is a need for drug policy reform in the United States, which is why he represented a federal inmate pro bono as part of the Clemency Project 2014. He was successful in assisting the inmate to receive a commutation of a life sentence.


Luke holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Oregon, a Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and a Masters of International Law from the University of Amsterdam.  Luke is currently enrolled at the Turin School of Development in a intellectual property Masters of Law, researching how international intellectual property standards are being applied to the emerging cannabis industry.